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Who is c.a. leibow?

Favorite Poets

C.D. wright, Zigbenew Herbert, Pablo Neruda, Guillerme Apollinaire, Rainer Rilke, Marina, Tsvetayeva, Adam Zagajewski, Dean Young, Li Young Lee, Lorca, Anne Sexton, Alice Notely, Ron Padgett, Frank Bidart, Frank Ohara,
David Antin, Joe Amato, Jaqueline Lyons, Christopher Arigo, Peter Covino, Kevilina Burbank, and many more.


I have been writing poems for over 15 years. Why would someone be a poet in the 21st century.'s like Auden said, "Poetry is not a vocation, it's a condition." I write poetry because it is who I am, I cannot seperate the two. I haved had many influences in my life, none as important as the mentors I have had from the University of Utah and Antioch University in Los Angeles.

I am studying for my MFA in Poetry and am the principle organizer of a bi-weekly spoken word performance titled Cabaret Voltage.

Additonal poems by c.a.leibow

Cabaret Voltage

" what other than fragmentary-other than the language of shattering- can time be marked." Maurice Blanchot

"Poems communicate before they are understood."

Edward Hirsch