Relative Drunkenness


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Relative Drunkenness Section 2 are poems were found in the midst of a text. Generally there are no additions to the poem only subtractions. These poems also are taken from the text sequentially. There is no moving of the text to a earlier location, to make more sense. I have made a few minor changes to help with clarity or meaning.


an almost instinctive fear

prompting to concealment.

passion must be fairly obvious.

She undressed him,
proceeded to undress herself, and then entered the bath with him,
and rubbed him thoroughly all over

The play is not equal. She hazards against a
slight pleasure.

It has been observed that birds

of prey hide themselves to drink, because, being obliged to
plunge their heads in the water, they are at that moment

It is
Modesty, that gives to love the aid of imagination.

The sight of a lover with whom one

Desires are forbidden.

Aa tender woman betrays herself
with her lover by words.
With the consciousness of sex —

young women should dance naked and sing,
the young men standing around in a circle to see and hear them.

The blush.
The organic turmoil.

Tremors near
the waist,
weakness in the limbs,
pressure, trembling, warmth,
weight or beating in the chest,
warm wave from feet upward,
quivering of heart,
and pressure
inside head.

The blush ,vestigial

Inclination towards sex,

in which shame originated.

An erection,
blushing of the penis —

an accompaniment of sexual
emotion —

pumped full of

The concealment of the face
to hide the face— in order to cloak a possible blush.

"When the face of woman is covered, her heart is bared,"

Sexual irritation may also be produced by the bicycle in women.

Many married women, and some unmarried,
experience sexual excitement when cycling.

The seat is too high, the
peak in contact with the organs, and a rolling movement —

only effected by a bad
seat or an improper attitude.

The work being mainly done by the muscles
of the thighs and legs —

When cycling leads to sexual excitement the fault lies more
with the woman than with the machine.

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