Relative Drunkenness

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This project began after reading Walter Benjamins Arcades Project, and the fascination with idea of the fragmentary nature of history and the fragmentary nature of experience. I began the first series of poems, by taking fragments from many different sources and then combining them into one poem or text. From these fragments, I then sanitized a poem, using the fragments from the different sources and additionally adding my own lines. The later series of poems are more closely defined as found poems, poems found in the non- poetical text of the original without out any additions or only minor additions. I hope you enjoy my serendipitous discoveries


The Poet

c.a. leibow lives in Salt Lake City. He has been or will be published by the following journals. Barrow Street, Poetry Motel, Stray Dog Reveiw, Curbside Review and Blue Collar Review. He is currently working on an MFA at Antioch University in Los Angeles

The poems on this site a copyrighted by c.a. leibow 2004