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The Last Episode


The Lone Ranger writes a letter to his

brother Dan, he writes,

Things are not as they used to be.

I am as useless as an Iron Lung

Riding around in his Ford Pinto


The Lone Ranger looks

for anything to do.

The one working headlight

finding vultures on the side

of the road.


Driving through the night

scanning the radio for WXYZ

this long prairie night of his soul.

Finding no one to save He buys


a whore with a case of silver bullets.

She holds him like a little boy

rocks him back and forth.

They don’t have sex.

He cries in her arms,

"I’m a man in a boys costume,"

"I am a jaw bone at a Wedding."


Later that evening

The Lone Ranger writes a letter to Tanto,

Things are not as they used to be.

I am as useless as mouth without teeth

I wish you were here.

Sincerely Lone.


On the road again

Looking for Cavendish

Looking for Jesus

He comes upon


An accident

Yellow blinker jaundicing his face in flashes.

Every one’s dead

Except A little girl

who gurgles from her throat.

He sits on the ground next to

her. Takes off his white hat,

Stuffs his red scarf in the hole.

Blood spurts on his pale blue

jumpsuit making odd shapes

that look like horses.


The Lone Ranger looks out

into the darkness. Stares into it

like a strainer trying to separate

It from his horse.

The moon reflected in the eyes

of his masked face,

he picks up the little girl

and throws her over the saddle,


"Come along, Silver! ... That's the boy!

Hi-yi!      (hearty laugh) ...

Now cut loose, and awa-a-ay!


(Hoofs pounding harder and




SILVERLAKE STREET FESTIVAL a Poem by c.a. leibow She is soooo hot, You know what I mean, That kinda stomach Nausea hot. SO I go an talk to her & her friends. Her eyes are so fucking brown \ Her smile is plugged into the Hollywood sign, Casting - shadows across my face. We talk about: Mexican poets i. About magical realism ii. how Latin America has made it their Own but it really was born in The streets of 1920's Germany Before the Nazis ate it whole with the teeth they'd borrow from old Jews in 20 some odd years I was pulling out all the stops ““Tu ojos hacen mi corązon cantar.”” She smiles, “Are you gay?” What the fuck "Am I gay?” I want to slap the bitch. "Well you sound a little femme." I say no in a calm collected tone. I still want to slap her. Her round frizzy haired friend pipes up! He's not fucking gay. “Well, I am not going to sleep with you if your Gay.” “Come on baby” I say to her….. I can prove it to you I will go down on you like the water from a s h o w e r head She grabs my crotch & feels the g r o w i n g presence. “” Well we will see about that.”” We go back to her place, she p u l l s me against her. She smells like……dryer sheets… I like the smell of dryer sheets. I take her clothes off & she stands there in the Light from the street We stand for a few minutes…..I lay her down on the bed S p r e a d her legs & put my m o u t h on her pussy & talk to her. Tell her stories of lovers who wandered strange streets looking For a [(bed ) - about suicide ((((I cannot live without you in my world)))))) pacts & jealous husb&s, about bullets & flowers. She moves like a rip tide pulling me away from the shore Pulling me Ōtowards something inside her, wanting me HER“ (inside) –HER. I take off my clothes & hold myself above her… I hold myself L i k e T h e moon over I-15, her blood s u r g i n g under HER s k i n Like cars going seventy 5 I (hold) my self above her 5 Like a roof of blood & bone. lifts She Ó her legs & s p r e a d s them like some hungry bird of love. We rock back & forth, she leaves fingerprints on my heart pulling On my cock. The door op e ns, Fuck” my boyfriend Fuck Fuck! you gotta get out of here! I s c u r r y to find my Pants!! He comes into the room, He's Big- has anvils for fists. They argue, I struggle to pull UP My pants UP ! Fucking pants UP! They' re screaming at each other. He pushes her against a /wall. . ………………………………………………… I grab my zipper (zzzzzzzzzzzzz) & pull up hard & fast. The teeth bite into the soft skin of my cock The chewing tears into the sweet tender skin. The look on my face -that moment between realization & pain. (Realization / PAIN) I st& there in the moment… They stop & stare at me. The cars on the street stop The planes flying overhead stop The moon & stars stop in their orbits. blood gushes in spu rt s On the sheets that smell like clean laundry. I curl up in a ball. - I wake up in the m o u t h of an alley I that smells of piss & vomit, A towel around my cock. I can see a plane flying over head Cars driving by on the street. I can just make out the H o l l y w o o d sign - An old man with his old wife walk Past me (past) looks d o w n at me - I can hear him say UNDER his breath “ F a g g o t. ”……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..